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After setting your appointment you get a confirmation email with instructions on how to obtain your credit reports for $1 and how to give us access to them.

On the day and time of your appointment, I will give you a call and go over everything that's hurting your credit.

Before we get off of the phone you will know what needs to happen to help your credit and get approved the next time you apply.

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Customer's experience with Will & Credit Elect:

I would recommend this business to anyone who is in need of credit repair. Will simply has a passion to help people succeed. When a business owner has passion the craft becomes easy. Clean Slate Credit LLC took time to educate me about my credit report and provided beat practices to increase my overall rating. I have been in my home for almost 2 years thanks to this business. It took less than 1yr to get my credit cleaned up and then approved for my home loan.

Kindra R.

When I say this really WORKS! I've been searching for an AFFORDABLE and KNOWLEDGEABLE credit repair system! My credit has improve 50+ points since I've been involved! In the world we live in today credit is MORE important than money. Don't wait, get your credit repaired today!!!!!!!

Antoine B.

I went to Clean Slate Credit after being scam by someone in town that really wasted a whole year of my time and did nothing what so ever! After sitting down with William and explained to him what I expected from his company and how I was burnt before. During the consultation he explained to me his program and what to expect from him and after 90 days with him I received a letter showing my car repossessed was deleted and one of my scores went up a total of 40+ points! Not only do I stand by Clean Slate Credit, I can actually say I trust this company and looking forward to my end results!

Bree B.

Had been procrastinating for 2 years on doing credit repair, but lately I wanted to get a new car and only the car that I really wanted.. I wanted to get my credit up a little more first, so I can have a good interest rate. I chose this credit repair agency based off of reviews, and at the same time wondering were all these good reviews legit. Well let me tell you, THEY ARE!! To make a long story short after just two months of Will's service I have my new BMW.. And check this out.. He's not even done yet. Just started. I'm very satisfied. Don't procrastinate like I did for years.. Go ahead and improve your credit while you're young.. It's never too late!! I highly recommend Clean Slate Credit!👍

Quinton L.

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Will Frazier (Credit Expert)


Credit Elect formerly Clean Slate Credit