Who Are We?

The real question is who are you?

We realize that most people suffering from credit struggles don't realize who they really are. And so they adopt the identity of their current credit score. At Credit Elect, we specialize in showing you that you are not your current credit score. You are part of the chosen few, The Elect, with the highest of high credit scores. Now that you know this we are here to help you show this new you to world and especially to lenders.

Will Frazier

I am the owner and founder of The Credit Elect formerly known as Clean Slate Credit. I started this company after working for Wells Fargo taking credit applications and seeing that others had the same credit struggles that I had.

Since starting my company back in 2014 I have helped thousands improve their credit and become homeowners. Some as their realtor too. I have a master's in finance. I have been trained and learned from employees of FICO, Credit Bureaus, and other industry experts. I have also been featured on creditcards.com, WSFA News, Visions Montgomery, WeBuyBlack, and more. I look forward to helping you reach your credit goals.

Our Promises To You

We will be transparent about if we can help you or not instead of selling you a dream.

We will make sure you understand what we are doing and how it will help you get to your goal.

We will give you everything you need to track your progress so you don't have to wonder what's going on.

We won't cut corners or do anything to violate you or the law.

Let's Work Together

We are glad you took time out to learn about us. Now it's our turn to learn about you and your credit situation so we can help you meet your credit goals.