You have been chosen for credit greatness.

The Credit Elect (formerly known as Clean Slate Credit) is a credit repair company with almost a decade of experience helping future first time homeowners overcome their credit challenges and buy homes for their families.

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How to Get Started with Us

Phone Credit Consultation

You set a credit consultation appointment and sign up for our preferred credit reports.

Credit Report Audit

During the consultation, we go over our audit of your credit report and tell you how we can help.

We Start The Work

After you sign up we go to work sending disputes to challenge potential errors & violations.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Ideally, everyone would love to finish the credit repair process in 30-60 days. The chosen (You) realize that long-lasting credit greatness doesn't come overnight. It actually takes 30-45 days just to see your first results from any credit repair company.

At Credit Elect, we do legal & legitimate credit repair. That means we don't cut corners to give you quick results that will disappear tomorrow. Because of that, and because of how the credit repair process truly works, the time it takes to see best results on average is 6-8 months. Sometimes quicker and sometimes longer.


Don't Miss Your Call to Greatness

You are not your current credit score. As one of the chosen accept your call to greatness & become one of the Credit Elect.